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Incredible possibilities await your event with Rainbow Magic.  Because of the flexibility of our many decor options, we can create any theme and mood for your party.  Rainbow Magic is a popular choice for holiday festivities and corporate family events; we are adept at creating the perfect ambience for these gatherings.  .  We'd love to assist you in planning the perfect event.

We offer beautiful wedding decorations combining balloons, flowers, lights, and so much more!  Free Quotations.  We specialize in beautiful Balloon Dance Canopies that will keep your guests up and dancing all night under a shimmering canopy of balloons.  Rainbow Magic can accommodate most all budgets with numerous elegant decor options! to help you make your dreams come true!

We create custom centerpieces for a wide variety of events including: weddings, awards banquets, holiday parties, conventions, school events, private parties and a variety of other functions.  for all of your decorating needs!

Sending a balloon bouquet really lets those you care about know what you want to say, and everyone else can see it, too!  Similar to FTD, Rainbow Magic uses the services of BalloonPlanet.com to offer the same kind of convenience to our customers, with secure online shopping, order accuracy, and confirmed delivery detail.  Click here to order your perfect balloon bouquet today!

Custom designed sculptures add extreme interest and incredible themes to every affair... from the grandest of events to the smallest group gathering.  Rainbow Magic, a special event decorating service, can turn your visions into reality!  to discuss your next event and what we can do for you!

Decor Props
If your event requires a special theme, Rainbow Magic can create a unique decor using varied props and displays.  Our creativity knows no bounds as we bring your special event or show to life!  You will be amazed at how quickly and effectively the desired mood is set.  to discuss what theme you want to elaborate today!